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he's a very attractive man!

For Giving by Benerasq
S3. Hard truths. R.

Inside by Benerasq
S3 cont. Angel POV. R.

Limits by Benerasq
S3 darker, harder. R.

Tame by Benerasq
Angel/Hyena Xander. Sort of. R.

Feral by Benerasq (Sequel to Tame)
Animal memories. NC-17.

The Nightlife Series by Christina Melani
A VERY DARK look at an abusive relationship between Angelus and Xander. 
So brutally honest and well written, it is worth the squicks you're certain to get by reading.  
Contains graphic rape, abuse, and physical violence. Very very NC-17.

Stranger Things by Esmeralda ((OUTSIDE LINK TO ONGOING SERIES))
Contains S/X, A/X, S/A/X, A/D & S/A/X/D. NC-17

Hideous Courtesy by Glossolalia
Saying good-bye is a bitch. NC-17.

Angel(us?) .... who can tell? NC-17

Reconfiguration by Kassie & Lar
Who says a soul makes a vamp a good guy? Not Xander. 
Also contains X/S and ref. to A/S. NC-17.

Xander Wishes by Kay Tee
Pretty much what it says on the tin. PG-13.

Uninvited, Unforgiven by Kay Tee
Xander wakes up Angel. NC-17.

Cannonball Days by Kay Tee
It's not a good day to be either one of them. NC-17.

Passages by Kita
A boy, a vampire, an alley. NC-17

Last Men Standing by Kita And M.
20 years in the future, and none of it's pretty. Also contains A/S. NC-17.

Bruised by Lar
Angelus and Xander and bruises, oh my! NC-17.

Bruised 2 by Lar
Please Sir,I want some more... NC-17.

Bruised 3 by Lar
Addiction is an ugly word. Accurate, but ugly. NC-17.

Bruised 4 by Lar
What remains of addiction is no prettier. NC-17

Famous Black Duster by Jonquil
(Very) loosely based on Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat". PG.

Q&A by Oni
Xander has a question, Angel has an answer. R.

Motive and Opportunity by Oni
Same question, similar answer. R.

Smoke by Pet
He's a vampire, and he's annoyed. NC-17.

Negation by Rubywisp
BtVS S5/AtS S3. This never happened. R.

Something Nice by Sophie J.
A/S, A/X. Angsty, dirty fic. NC-17.

War of Attrition Series by The Spike
A trio of Angel/Xander smut. PWP. Luscious. NC-17.

Gonna by Te
Angel. Xander. Smut. NC-17.

Tell the End by Te
Everybody's got issues. Warning for disturbing content. NC-17. 

Crazy Diamonds by Tesla
The pre-slash required to make this ship work in the present. PG-13.

Velcro, Duct Tape & Staples by Voleuse
Souls are tricky things. Sometimes. Set in the vague future, with flashbacks. PG-13.

All stories remain property of their respective authors. 

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