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Ten Years

Slashing the Angel was originally created in 1999.
For the 10th anniversary of the site, it has been re-vamped, re-updated, and re-opened.

Five hundred stories

There are stories on this site you will not find anywhere else. There are authors who are no longer with us.
Slashing The Angel stands with the hope that all of us may continue to enjoy these works for years to come.

One original vampire with a soul

This site is no longer being updated, but you may report INTERNAL broken links to the webmistress.
Many many thanks to Holly for the layout, and to Heather for the coding.

*Love is love, and Not fade away*

This site is not affiliated with Joss Whedon, FOX, or any of the owners of Angel the Series or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
It is a fan collective, created out of love for the series, and with no hope or goal of profit.
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