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I love you, Connor.
What are you gonna do about it?
Prove it.


Summertime Blues by Selanak (PG)
Ten things Connor did during the summer. Set between seasons 3 and 4.

Sitting on his bed, holding the letter his father wrote, he smells Angelus’s traces there as well, and wonders whether this is the last trick of the demon: intermingling his scent with his father’s, so Connor can’t wish either away.

Creature of Subtlety and Grace by Romany (PG)
Snippet from a fic in progress. Our father(s).

Dad comes and sits next to him. “I never wanted this for you, Connor, you know?” He turns, looks at him and Connor feels bared and open.
“I can’t talk about it,” he says. But he knows.
“That’s the problem with Reilly men,” dad says, looking away. “We never do.”

The Haunting, Hunted Kind
by Selena (PG-13)
Connor & Darla. A ghost story.

"Dru," she said finally, remembering that her companion might be insane but possessed some useful gifts, "what is he?"
"The ghost of Christmas yet to come, Grandmother," Dru replied, a smile breaking out of her tear-streaked face, and she clapped her hands.

Dead Things by Kangieko (Hard R)
Post NFA, Connor goes clubbing. Ish.

It is one month to the day that ashes filled the air (an orphan already?) and he does not remember the night. It does not matter.
(when he wakes up in the morning, she's already cold)

Weighs Nothing: 5 Lies Connor’s Father Told Him by Kita (PG-13)
Five fathers, five drabbles.

“The little prince lives happily ever after.”

There For You by Entrenous (PG)
By his father’s grave.  With his father.

Connor looked up, raindrops beaded on his eyelashes. His dark too-new suit was spattered with wet at the shoulders. He gave Angel a strange smile. "But there's no one to kill. No one to save." His eyes returned to the hole in the ground. "No one to punish."

Five Families Connor Was Not Magically Squeezed Into After His Real Vampire Dad Slit His Throat by Annakovsky (PG)
AtS/Arrested Development, AtS/BtVS, AtS/Supernatural, AtS/The OC, AtS/Harry Potter.

Really, the title alone...

Ante Praevisa Merita by Stoney (Hard R)
How do you make a child kill their father and think it's in the name of the Lord?

 "Do you know that no matter what it is you do, God cannot love you?"
A pause. "Yes."
Holtz continued splitting logs for their fire. "And why is that?"
"Because I am the child of demons. I am made of His antithesis. God despises sin, and I am sin incarnate."
Holtz looked up and smiled slowly. "Precisely. Go on ahead and wash up in the stream. We'll eat once I'm finished here."
Connor nodded and stopped stacking the large rocks that made a wall in front of their cave and left to cleanse himself.

 Like New Times, in Jasmineverse & Reasons, post NFA. (Both PG)
Two shorts, same link.

Connor stares at the hole where half of Angel's upper arm used to be. He looks grossed out but says, "So what, do you like, take your jacket off when you fight dragons? So you don't damage the leather? I mean, that thing's in pretty good condition, except for the blood. No bites out of that. Are you like, 'I will slay you, good sir, but not in my good jacket'?"

May Day by Voleuse (R)
Just post-Origin, Spring is like a perhaps hand.

There's playing baseball on lazy afternoons, and wandering through outdoor malls holding Tracy's hand, and a million things he's done under the sun.
He thinks he likes these memories better, but then he remembers how the moon shone as he leaped, rooftop to rooftop, beside his father. Both of them laughing, despite being chased by a cadre of vampires, because they knew they would win.

North Northwest by Mer (PG-13)
Offscreen conversations that slide effortlessly into canon. Wesley & Connor, in the Jasmineverse, after Magic Bullet.

"Connor, I don't know why the blood --" he couldn't quite say, Cordelia's -- "didn't work on you, but she's --"

"Killing people," Connor interrupted placidly.

"This doesn't give you the slightest cause for unease?"

"Why?" Connor shot back. "It runs in the family. My father ate people, and you treat him like the Second Coming."

Untitled Riley and Connor Snippet by Call me Sandy (G)
What it says on the tin.

Eager to please, friendly and polite. And only occasionally prone to taunting his elders. It's easy to forget the used to be crazy part, the other reason Riley got this job. Dated a slayer, earned a Masters in Psychology, so they give him the miracle kid to protect and serve. 

Untitled Connor Story by Alex (R)
In two parts (part 2 contains slash)
Connor’s best friend is Mason, and they’ve been friends as far back as he can remember.

“Honey, Connor’s still waiting.”
“Connor? Who’s Connor? We don’t know any Connor!”
Mason’s mom sighed.
“No, Mason. The reason you’ve not got any decent college offers is entirely due to laziness. Don’t even think about pleading insanity.”

As One Mourneth For An Only Son by Aervir (PG)
Fifteen prayers Connor may have said.

He carries her out of the church like a tired child who cries during mass; but she’s cold and still, no sound escaping her, and father-mother-child is a game he never quite learned how to play.

Who Doesn't Like Ducklings?  by Entrenous (G)
Angel tries.

There was no one around on campus for the most part, which was probably good, since his friends weren't around to witness his dad dropping in through a vent in the basement laundry room, while Connor shrieked like a girl and dropped his Tide With Bleach Alternative all over the cement floor before going into a fighting stance.

Going Back to Cali.  by Call me Sandy (PG)
Buffy has to pretend to be Connor's girlfriend in order to save the world. You can read it as pre-ship, if you squint.

"Why can't you just be my friend, or like, cousin? You're sort of my cousin. Actually, no, you're not related to me at all." Connor shifted but didn't throw her off. He was polite and took direction well without being mouthy; excellent qualities in a young man, Buffy thought. And he often seemed pretty young. He said, "Maybe you just want to see Stanford."

Family Album  by Mireille (G)
Alt. title: How to make Kita cry like a little bitch. Short, sweet, and perfect.

Connor only has his fucked-up memories to testify to Steven Holtz ever existing; and there are pictures of Connor Reilly: school pictures and Polaroids from Christmas mornings and newspaper clippings from when the debate team won the state tournament his junior year, and his mom had sent copies of the story to everyone they'd ever met. There's proof he's real.
That's what makes it creepy.

Three Tries  by Like a Deuce (PG)
Wesley writes to Connor. Post-Origin.

I remember everything. So, I trust, do you. This makes us secret sharers, of a sort. Well. I shall keep mine as long as you choose to keep yours.

Untitled Drabble  by Entrenous (G)
Buffy and Connor, keepin' on.

Ever After by A White Rain (G)
An exceptionally well characterized, canon compliant look at what might have happened between Connor and Angel over the year's time immediately post NFA.  It might have made me cry. A little.

"Did you draw up visitation rights?" Connor asked casually. "True, it's normally reserved for kids. But I've learned not to take anything for granted recently."

Hogfather by Darla's Mom (PG)
One of the myriad of ways Holtz worked his fucked-up mojo on Connor. And its inevitable consequences.

Vampires never shed blood. Even the more brutal methods of killing them (fire, sunlight- flesh melting straight off the bone) left nothing behind. They always died clean. They left behind nothing but bad memories and so much dust.

This Boy's Life by Beetle (PG-13)
Nine drabbles on the theme of Stephen, Connor, and family.  Ouch.

Fortunately for me, cute doesn’t last long in the Quor’thoth.

No Dominion by MyHappyFace (PG) 
Post-NFA, the author convinces herself that Angel did not die in that alley.

"How do you feel about Palo Alto?" he asks. The question seems to come out of nowhere, but he can count on Angel not to mind a nonsequitur.
"I was ritually possessed and partially disemboweled there once. Not my favorite place ever."
"Think you can put aside your petty differences long enough to see me graduate?" His voice is affectionately amused, and Angel's smile is blinding.

Touch His Soul by Kallysten (PG)
The most different thing between Quor'Toth and this world. 500 words.

Angel again, and a startling, unexpected, unfathomable hug that brought Connor’s certitudes crashing down around him; his father still loved him.


Baby Connor:

Snippet from A Million Miles Away-verse by Brat Queen (G)

"Hi," Connor called back down. He sat up on the tree branch, resting his hands in front of him. "I'm playing the part where there's the ship and the boys and then the boys are on the ship and then there's flying and then there's Captain Hook and you have to be the crocodile again okay, Daddy?"

Normal Little Boys by Ladycat (G)

"The Destroyer wants mocha ice cream, please."

My Darling Young One by MyHappyFace (PG) 
Fix it fic of the finest order.

"Daddy, this is my desk and these are my crayons and this is the dinosaur I drew yesterday, and . . ."

*The Lullabye Verse by Kallysten (PG)
An AU in which Angel and Spike raise wee!baby Connor. With a kitten. I'm sorry, I'll just be over here. Crying UNTIL I DIE.

Connor slapped his palm on Spike’s leg before snuggling against his side, much like he had snuggled against Angel earlier. “Not a baby! I’m not!”
“All right, then, let’s think of a big boy—” Spike stopped abruptly and raised an eyebrow at Angel. “You’re still there?”
Feeling more than a little confused by how cozy they looked, like this was a familiar thing for them, Angel leaned over the bed for another kiss to Connor’s forehead. “Goodnight.”
“Night Daddy.”
“Night Daddy,” Spike echoed, and Angel frowned at him again before stepping out of the room.



All stories housed on Slashing the Angel.
This link will open in a new window. All stories contain incest to varying degrees. Some may contain non-con on the part of one or both parties. Please heed the warnings of each story.



Blame it on the Tequila by Nevernever (PG-13)
Not at All According to Plan by Nevernever (PG-13)
Off the cuff schmoop that is also funny and hot as hell.

“I don’t think meeting the much older man will soften anything. If your other Dad is anything like Angel it will make him get out his shotgun. And I don’t think either of us are ready for the awkward conversation about why the bullet doesn’t kill me.”

Exercises in Avoiding Literary Contrivances by Fod (NC-17)
The best fanfic is smart, sexy, and always well written. This is all three.

Connor figured if they kept crossing things off the list, they'd eventually narrow it down to the one possibility. Time-traveling AU where he was a cabin boy, crossed off. Future AU where he was a clone, crossed off. Alternate reality where he was into girls, crossed off. It was a long list, though.

Share Alike by Ladycat (R)
Secrets kept.

A hand is still thrust into his face, and Spike takes it. Connor’s palms are thick with calluses—not just weapons, though. There’s a bump on the second finger of his right hand that Spike knows better than everything.

“We’re quite a family, aren’t we?”

First Kisses Drabble by Darla's Mom (PG-13)

"I remember a lot of things."
The smile came back to the kid's face with a new dirty-minded edge to it that made it hard to resist a grin of his own.

147 by Fod (Hard R)
Swift and powerful, like a punch.

After the 147th time that Connor asked him, Angel finally gave in. 

Connor grinned so wide it hurt; he couldn't help it. "I love you, Dad," he said.

Raven by Ladycat (NC-17)
Out of sequence of canon, hot hot porn, viciously accurate characterization.

He likes this type, pretty with the dirt ground into their skin like dye, perfumed with copper and fear.

All Through The Night
by Kita (NC-17)
Set in the summer between AtS S3 and S4, and BtVS S6 and S7. Also contains Connor/Fred in a convergence of the psychopathic woobies.

“Never said I didn’t like to,” Spike’s fists wrap around the headboard. It is wooden, decayed, it would splinter easily into stakes. “Pay attention. Said I can’t.”
“Why?” Connor strips out of his jeans, and tosses them onto the floor.
“Because it hurts,” Spike says.
“Oh.” He settles between Spike’s knees, rubs the blood on his hands into soft, secret skin. “Good.”

Untitled Drabble by Fod (R)

Connor fucks like he fights, precise and relentless.

Untited Drabble by Entrenous (PG-13)

There's always that weird moment after, when Spike gets up and pulls his jeans and t-shirt back on before digging around for his smokes.

Untitled Connor Incest Ficathon Entry by Mer (NC-17)
I think Mer was the first to do this pairing. I thank her every. day.

Spike slicked a fresh lot of lube directly onto Connor’s skin. Angelus wouldn’t have bothered. He was not Angelus.

 One of them had to remember that.

Untitled Character Piece by Ladycat (R)
Connor, through Spike’s eyes. Symmetry and poetry.

Connor comes awake as he’s attended, eyes wide, vulnerable mouth trembling between a smile of greeting and a gasp of wanting. Torn and twisted, this little boy, and Spike loves him for it. Loves him more for the light that dawns underneath too-long lashes that sweep with a butterfly-wing’s devastation against his cheek.

Angels and Insects by Lynne (NC-17)
Angel would do anything to protect his son, but his efforts have some unintended consquences, for both Connor and Spike. This story also contains Angel/Connor and Angel/Spike/Connor.

“You’re missin’ the point, kid. You live as long as Angel and me, you get around to doing everything. Or, everyone. Girls, boys, slayers, robots… between the two of us, there’s nothin’ we haven’t done.”
“Huh.” Connor stared at him through narrowed lids, and Spike suddenly wished he hadn’t led the conversation down this road.
“So, have you and Angel ever…?”
“Think that’s enough Twenty Questions for one night.”
“Oh, my GOD! You totally have!”

Prometheus Unbound by Lynne (R)
Sequel to Angels and Insects. Also contains Angel/Spike. No Angel/Connor in this story.

Connor tumbled beneath him, falling like feathers, landing like smiles. He smelled of animal skins and old bones, things tough and hard; yet he was everywhere valiant and vulnerable. Wide open eyes, wide open legs. He felt like family, and when Spike sank into him, it was like coming home—to a place he knew somehow had been waiting for him, for more than a hundred years.

Foundling by Tabaqui (NC-17)
Broken, after the fall.

Dragged him back to the lair he and Blue were sharing, in the smoking pit that was L.A. Didn't eat him, 'cause he smelled like belladonna and rue and Angel, and Spike spent the rest of the night crouched over his twitching, fever-wracked body. Just breathing.

Ragdoll by Tabaqui (Hard R)
Sequel to Foundling

“Beautiful boy, fucking headcase.   Doesn’t work that way, you don’t get to pick out the parts you don’t like and sew in clockwork,” Spike says.  
At least, Connor thinks that’s what Spike is saying.  Spike’s always saying something and he’s learned to pick out the pits and leave the plums since they walked out of L A.

Second Hand by Kita (Hard R)
Post-NFA. Beware the Jabberwock. Spike has a job to do.

Spike watches as something slithers behind his eyes (blue, his eyes are blue. Darla's eyes were blue, Spike thinks). Rattles on tails and bright colors that don't belong: a warning, a mark. There's a tremor in Spike's spine that used to mean *Slayer*. He has to plant his feet hard not to take a step back.
Then Connor blinks, and says, "It's Angel, isn't it?"
And when he opens his eyes again, he's just a boy.

Untitled by Alex (R)
Post NFA. Family traditions.

“I already knew,” said Connor. “I guess I was just hoping.”
“Time for you to do more than hope. Time for you to step into your daddy’s shoes.”
“My dad’s an engineer.”
“Shut up, little angel. You can joke on the way.”

Walls by Lynne (R)
Post-NFA. Angel as patron, and vouyer. Also contains Spike/Angel.

On the fourth night, the kid got the jump on him. Which was really fucking weird, because no one ever got the jump on Spike unless she had tits and was carrying a stake.
"You know, if you wanted to buy me a drink, all you had to do was ask," the kid yelled over the music.
Spike could only nod in reply, neck pressed as it was between the wall and the boy’s forearm.

Imitation of Life by Nihilistbear (R)
Spike/Connor but not in an actual sex way

A guy with white hair and black leather sits next to him on the couch in Angel’s office. Angel doesn’t seem to notice their presence.
“There’s so much you have to know, little brother,” he says. “So much to learn.”

Field Trip by Doyle (PG)
Connor, in S5. Can be read as gen.

It was times like this that he wished the labs downstairs stocked Doximal. Angelus, even pseudoAngelus, would be better at dealing with these two. Sure, he didn't want to eat them - well, not Connor - but maybe with a small enough dose he could just gnaw on them a little. Just until they behaved.

Crime and Punishment by Doyle (PG)
Sequel to Field Trip.

"Angel and Spike got into a he-man bitch-fight over the shanshu. Some Cup of Endless Torture thing, turned out to be a fake. Then Calvin and Hobbes hotwired Angel's car, took it to Mexico, got involved with a demon diamond robbery and crashed the car."

Wrapped in A by Ladycat (R)
Post series. Sweet, domestic bliss. With vampires.

“I want to fuck you,” Connor murmured in his ear.
It didn’t really go with the twang that still hadn’t let up in his damned chest, but Spike was flexible. “Here?”
“Yeah. Right here.”
Grinning, Spike scored a line along Connor’s lower lip with his teeth. “Good thing I came prepared then, innit?”

Hell in a Concrete Jungle by Lynne (PG)
Drabble fic, post NFA.

Little Things by Fod (PG)
Ficlet, just post-Damage, in a S5 ft Connor.

Connor puts the plastic bottles down and lifts his chin. "When I was five, I broke both my legs fighting with an Ugat. Holtz set the bones himself. I didn't even cry."
"I didn't cry I just shrieked a bit."

Sponnor LJ Comment Drabble by Ladycat (PG)
Does what it says on the tin.

It's ridiculous, and Spike hates it, but Angel really is right. The two of them are bloody children.

Untitled Ficlet by Ladycat (PG)
I am fairly sure this woman gives the best off the cuff comment fic in the history of history.

Connor's as violent as all Spike's greatest loves and more damaging than any but his Da.

Back to the Beginning by Ladycat (PG-13)
SEE?? I told you!!

"Oi," he says to the boy wearing a hoodie and earbuds, staring at a book he's not reading. "I need a place to kip, and you're it. Don't argue, boy, I'm near to burning up and you're family."
That wouldn't work on Angelus. Wouldn't work on Dru. Sure as fuck wouldn't work on Darla, and Spike had nightmares about needing to say those words to Buffy or one of her ever-expanding crew.
On him, though, it worked.
That's how Spike officially met Connor.

Another Untitled Comment Fic by Ladycat (PG)
So, let's just build her the Sponnor Shrine and call it a day, shall we?

Spike is shades of ice and fire, that pink blush of innocence against death's lasting knowledge. He is smooth all over, slick like silk, and Connor wants to pet him almost always.

Once More, With Rutting  by Ladycat (R)
Ok, that's not the title, but if I gush any more I'm going to leave a mark.

Connor means don't know how to play, no matter how many times Spike teaches him, but that's all right. Spike is nothing but a primer bound in undead skin, lessons written in other's blood.

Norwalk by Ladycat (R)
Connor is sick. Spike is Spike.

"You're such a brat," Spike murmurs into hair that goes stringy when it's wet, fingers rubbing circles of bubbles on Connor's scalp. "A spoiled, petulant brat, having me run after you and fetch and clean. I'm not a maid. Not your girlfriend. I'm a monster. I'm... " a stupid, besotted sot, same as he was when he lived.

Two Sponnor Shorts by Ladycat (PG-13)

But Connor, brilliant, grey-eyed Connor, wise-warrior who makes Spike think of gods and spiders, looks up at him despite the awkward angle. "I had a rabbit. It wasn't velveteen, or anything, but I would pretend a lot. My mom thought it was really cute until I really did get really sick. Then it wasn't so funny."


"Even when you don't shave, like now." A cool finger rubs sparks along his jaw, bristles forced against grain. "Dunno who you got that from, since himself can barely manage a goatee, but I like it. Wish it made you look older. Half your friends think I'm cradle-robbing."

*A Drabble a Day  by Kallysten (up to NC-17)
Does what it says on the tin, all through October. Now all in one place.

Another Interlude by Ladycat (PG) 
In the Spike/Connor with Angel as Daddy-verse. As Lynne has named it. I approve of this title!

Angel listens, lazy, as a large object picks its way through the rubble: he doesn’t see the path Spike’s carved for himself.
He never does.

Family by Lips like Candy (R)
The aftermath. Of everything. 

“They should put a fucking war monument,” Connor says, appearing from nowhere, staggering around. Spike can almost taste the liquor in the air. “Where did he die? Where exactly did he die?”
Spike has no fucking clue, but he points to a random spot on the pavement. “There,” he says. Connor looks at it reverently. And falls over.

*The Next Time by Kallysten (R)
The first time Spike bites Connor, he nearly kills him.

The plea is in his eyes, sullied blue like that old baby blanket Connor once found in that abandoned hotel he likes to visit sometimes. The blanket smelled like smoke, and was stained by ashes. Spike pretends he doesn’t know it’s at the very back of Connor’s bedside drawer.

Spoil the Child by Kallysten  (R)
Connor is a good, good boy.

And Connor is grateful, deep down, in that dark place where he remembers that those who love the best punish the hardest.

* Another Sky At Midday  by Kallysten  (PG-13)
Somewhere in the universe, things turned out differently for Connor.

“So,” Angel said coolly, crossing his arms again. “You’re Spike, but you’re not the Spike I know. And who is he?”
Spike scoffed. “Take a good look at him. Give him a sniff if you must. And then you tell me who you think he is.”

* How It Started by Kallysten (PG-13)
A vampire and a college student walk into a bar.

Most of the time, it was easy to tell when Spike was making fun of him, one way or the other, because he sounded a bit like Connor did when he teased his sister. But when he smiled like this, with those barely there little lines crinkling at the corners of his eyes, Connor could never tell if Spike was teasing or not. He could never tell what he thought.

* Reasons: A Sponnor Comic by Kallysten  (PG-13)
A COMIC. I flap like a seal.

* Roll by LadyCat (PG-13)
Connor is not very adept at sharing his feelings. Except when he's high.

"How the hell did she get you to take this?" And, more importantly, how the hell was it affecting him, because ecstasy didn't exactly come in an aerosol spray can.
Connor shifted into the touch, jeans riding lower and lower on his hips. Pretty skin, all smooth and pale and that line of hair that Spike wanted to bite. "Don't remember. I was... sad. I didn't want to be sad. It made you sad, too."

*  If You Look by Ladycat (R)
H/C. Connor gets hurt. A pretty girl takes care of him. Still Connor/Spike.

"Hey." Connor offers a smile when Spike finally looks at him. "I'm okay. Really. I love you."
"I love that you have good taste in women, even if you're pants at figuring out what to do with one," Spike fires back.

* Late by Kallysten (PG)
Established relationship.

“If I started regretting every stupid decision I ever made,” Spike says, trying to push a bit of humor in his voice, “I’d never stop brooding and people would start calling me Angel.”

* Shards by Kallysten (NC-17)
WARNING: This is a WIP which also contains Angel/Spike, and will eventually contain Angel/Connor as well as Angel/Spike/Connor. Daddy!kink AND incest. It's also so fucking hot you're gonna need ice.



Cicatrix by Herself (NC-17)
Wesley has no heart for small talk.

The kid raised his chin, his smile at once encouraging and entirely without warmth.
"I won’t hurt you," Wes said.
The kid shrugged.

Those Who Favor Fire by Wesley's Girl (R)
AU for the end of “Rain of Fire/Apocalypse Nowish.”

Reacting more quickly than a human could have, he grabbed Wesley and pushed him into the nearest doorway, flush up against the glass. The flames exploded at their feet, spreading out into an evaporating ripple like dropping a stone into water. 

Connor realized that he was pressed up against Wesley. Wesley was warm and he smelled good, and before Connor could even finish that thought in his head he was already hard.

Stillness Between Moments
by Lar (NC-17)
Nothing is as it seems, nothing is as you’d expect.

“Time to hunt,” Connor says and he sits up, reaches out to cup the back of Wesley’s neck, kisses him roughly. Connor is teeth and tongue, sharp nips and long lapping tastes of Wesley’s mouth. His eyes spark with a darkness and a hunger as he draws back, smile still in place. “Then time to fuck.”
“Of course,” Wesley says coolly. “Everything in its place.”

Castaways  by Joy (Hard R)

“I get your trust. Then I fuck you from behind.” The voice at his throat was stinging on the sunburn, small red pinches. “That’s how I get in the water.”

Wes/Connor LJ Comment Drabble by Ladycat  (R)

Wesley chokes himself on the slick head of Connor's cock, letting the pain and flushed-fullness of needing to breathe distract him. He doesn't want to think about all the ways this is wrong.



And If You Save Yourself by Call me Sandy (R)

“This is exactly how I pictured my sophomore year in college.”
“Shut up,” Gunn said. He patted Connor’s thigh and felt him tense up. Gunn smiled and leaned closer. “Once you remembered, did you really think it’d be a smooth ride ever again?”
Connor shifted and Gunn’s hand moved higher up. Connor smiled and said, “I get called stupid all the time.”



A Little Bit Louder and A Little Bit Worse
by Allyndra (PG-13)
Post series pre-slash with spot on characterization, humor, and just the right touch of hot sweet goodness.

"There was a prophecy and a mystical whatsit. I really don't understand it, but I'm not going to complain." He seemed ridiculously easy going to be the fruit of Angel's loins. "I'm Connor, by the way."

After The Heroes Fall by Abbie (R)
Post-NFA. There are still heroes left.

Xander stood up, stepped over Connor's prone body and onto the floor, then started pacing. "I think you're cute. This means you must be a demon. Original demon magnet here. Butt-monkey to the universe! Why? Why does this always have to happen to me?"
"Wait--you think I'm cute?" Connor sat on the edge of the bed, his hands at his side, as if either to push himself off, or about to sit on them, depending on which way he wiggled.

Islands Beyond the Ordinary by Reremouse (R)
An amnesiac Xander. A smart ass Connor. In Tahiti. Whackiness ensues. And by whackiness, I mean whackiness. And sex.

There's kissing.
Which Xander focuses on as a pretty impressive alternative to thinking about the taste of vamp dust in Connor's mouth.
When he surfaces, Xander says: "Let's hear it for Good Guy Inc. never leaving a man behind."
"We're a company of many unusual perks."



The Post-Finals Tradition by Mireille (R)
A couple of months ago, Connor had been thinking he was too normal for Oz.

By the end of February, Connor had figured out that he was going to get a B in Chem unless he completely fucked up; that he was probably bisexual; that he had a thing for his roommate that wasn't going away; and that if freshman year didn't end soon, taking his Intro to Humanities requirement with it, he was probably going to have to set something on fire. Weirdly, it was the B that was freaking him out most.


Sam Winchester/Connor (X/O with Supernatural):

Untitled Connor/Sam by Poisontaster & Mona1347 (NC-17)
PWP. Smokin'.

Connor bends closer, his eyes flicking avidly as his other hand closes over Sam's twitching cock. "If you tell me," he murmurs, "then I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you and I'll let you come."

Of Comfort No Man Speak by Musesfool (R)
Family fucks you up.

"You don't know the half of it."

 Sam laughs, because what kind of fucked up family could this kid possibly have that stacks up against John Winchester and his vengeance-obsessed demon-hunting? But he can't say anything about that. Even drunk, he knows he has to keep his mouth shut.
Instead he says, "Let's play some pool."

Not Fade Away by Kassie (R)
I think Kassie was the first one to do this pairing.

“Where are you from?” Connor runs a hand through his floppy hair, twists around in his seat so that he’s facing Sam.
“Why?” They aren’t friends. This conversation would be strange even if Connor wasn’t plainly a freak.



Untitled by Marenfic (NC-17)
Angsty smutty delicious goodness.

Connor tells her it's his job to help her now, says it's what his father would want him to do and it makes Buffy choke on laughter that tastes like bile. It's clear to her that Connor doesn't know who his father is. . . was. . . or what the man would want. There's no doubt in her mind that every single one of them would insist that Connor stay far, far away from Buffy and everything she represents.

Walk Like Men by TKP (G)
The first meeting. Can be read as gen.

"I have this whole . . . past, things I've done, demon parents, but it’s not who I am. I’m a man. I don't want to kill you, tonight, ever. I just want to have coffee with you."

New York Blooms by Entrenous (PG-13)
Two superheroes meet in a bar.

Tonight Buffy is Joan, and Connor is Steven.

Dry Spells Hard Times in Bad Lands by Call me Sandy (R)
Callmesandy writes the best dialogue since Joss, bar none.

"Do you have, like, a mode of speaking besides sarcasm and ordering people around?" He sat on the bed.
She pulled out his desk chair and sat down. She was actually smiling and not smirking when she looked over at him. "Sorry. I'm just taking everything in, and in a life of total weirdness, you and your I'm the unique special only-iest child of two vampires sending emails out of the blue and also playing football by the way actually make the top ten of weird things. Which is hard. I went to high school on a Hellmouth."
"I grew up in Hell. In one version," he said. "And I play baseball, too."

Who By Accident by Call me Sandy (R)
Told you so.

"Yes. And, you know, we have experiences in common, like you said. And I think if we just, um, set a rule, maybe. Like no talking about Angel. Not ever, but say, not a half hour before dinner. For a while."
"Like food before swimming?" Buffy stood up so they were even closer. "I think you get used to it. All my relationships have been sort of weird if you look at them right."
"You're a slayer who dated a vampire. He took you to prom."
"Two vampires, actually. I dated Spike, too."
"After the robot thing? Wow. So you have to really twist around to think your relationships are weird, huh? Like an acrobat flexible to look at it."

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show by Like A Deuce
Post NFA, pre-shippy humor and adventure.

He brushed the hair from his eyes and gave Buffy a look. "You're a vampire slayer, and you're afraid of a coyote?"
"I knew a vengeance demon who was afraid of bunnies," Buffy shot back. "And no," she said, a little petulance in her voice. "I'm not afraid. They're just ugly."
"You probably wouldn't see him before him ate you."
"Ate me?"
"Well, not unless you provoked him." 

Further Vagrancy by Call me Sandy (PG-13)
Post Chosen/NFA, no comics canon. Shippy, quippy adventure.

"I don't want any room," Buffy says. She wrenches the exit vent grill from the wall with a grimace and puts it to the side. "I know I'm very complain-y Buffy, but it seems like there are way better things we could be doing right now."
"You're not complaining that much," he says. "You've totally complained a lot more at other times."

Death Becomes Her by Marenfic (NC-17)
Forbidden fantasies. Dark and darker.

She fucks Connor on top of freshly dug graves, the smell of damp dirt filling her nostrils as the sounds of his boy grunts fill her ears.

And When You Shake, the Dogs Howl by Call me Sandy (PG-13)
Post NFA & Chosen. Connor has become a cop. Buffy kinda likes uniforms.

Buffy said, "There are three Slayers in this town and it would be cool to know a cop who understands the fanged and horned part of the population of do-badders."



And the Lips that Say Come On, Taste Us by Call me Sandy (Light R)
Smooth talking is not Connor's Superpower.

he smiled at him. "Did we do it during that time I don't remember?"
"No," he said. "No."
"But you wanted to," she said.

A One Way Ticket by Snowpuppies (Light R)
Post-NFA, Faith joins the fight. And the family.

It's not a hardship; he's as easy on the eyes as his old man, he blushes when she talks to him, and best of all, he's never met Buffy Summers.



Les Cousins Dangereux by Annakovsky (NC-17)
Picks up in the Five Universes fic, but with incest. Sort of incest. Hot, sad, and ironically enough, achingly real. Post-BtVS canon, no Origin.

They leave Buffy a note, taped to the ping-pong table, which explains almost nothing. What would they say? We found out that we're both fictional, and we've been having really taboo sex, so we can't handle staying here right now, but we'll probably be back before school starts? 

* Fanmix for the story by Topazera
Don't miss this! Great tunes for a great fic. And some adorable manips. Who knew?

* Summer Redundant by Tabaqui
Angel decides Connor needs babysitting, instead of throat slitting. (PG)

That was it, really – he was always on the edges. Never right where he should be and Dawn was jumpy enough as it was, with demons and vampires and hell gods. Freaky PTSD boys with long fingers and pink lips were just too dang much.



O fuge te tenerae puerorum credere turbae
by Ladycat (NC-17)
Connor/Octavian Yes. THAT Octavian. Hot like burning.

"Is that how you do it, here?" A glimmer of humor -- of condescension, amusement where there should be only breathless compliance -- has Octavian boiling with rage, his cock hard and proud as it stands up, away from his body. "Too bad I never went to school like dad wanted. I could've taken classics classes."

Edge by Ladycat (NC-17)
Connor/Octavian sequel to above. Hotter than burning.

"You enjoy this," he hisses, licking his teeth, the boy's teasing, flaunting mouth. "You enjoy it."

Blood Makes Noise  by LafemmeDarla (NC-17)
Connor/Darla consensual, adult, incest.

The first time she sees him is almost the last.
“You shouldn’t be here,” is the first thing he says to her. She cannot help but smile.
“Tell me about it,” she replies.

Three People Who Connor Never Had by Lips like Candy (Hard R)
Mothers and fathers and daughters and death. Oh my. Prose poetry.

Things fold over on themselves, build up, create, flower. Inside each person is infinity, eternity. Things fold over on themselves. Cordelia was folded and crumpled and tossed aside, and this new thing was not her.

* All Your Children Here in Their Rags of Light by CallmeSandy (R)
Connor/OC- wait. Don't run off. Connor begets another miracle baby. Wait! Don't run off! This is CallmeSandy, which means we get stuff like this:

"Technically, this prophecy is not about you. It's about the child. Ah, her blood," Wes said. "Which is apparently so mystically powerful that the demon who gets their hands on her and, ah, drain her, will be powerful enough to perform certain rituals that will enslave the world. On the bright side –"
"The bright side of baby blood draining," Connor said.


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